ART…and Homework, Study Habits & Organization

Let’s face it, kids are all individuals, special and unique little persons that we love and care for. After all, adults are all different in so many ways: underachievers, overachievers, mellow or intense personalities, the list goes on and on. When we observe these attributes, we may find there are some behaviors we might like to change to help the child work in a more efficient manner or better organize themselves. Some parents may find that they are looking to de-stress their child or give them a better sense of self, with more confidence, helping them interact with other children in a more positive manner. Look to see where your childʼs interests lie and encourage activities that relate to it. It might be a physical activity such as sports or dance, martial arts, or anything else that involves movement and coordination. The discipline in that activity may be able to transfer into other areas of your childʼs home or social life. Think creatively and see what parallels you may be able to apply in those areas and there may be positive results.

In artistic activities, there are many areas in which your child

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