we don’t want to wish away the summer…but it is time for our early bird special!

We are having a great time at Summer Art Camp! We definitely don’t want to rush our precious summer months away, but we are now offering an Early Bird Special discount of 5% off initial registration (combined first & last month!) of Fall Classes!

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Building Foundations (New!)

An introductory class for budding architects offering insight and focus into three dimensional drawing: scale, perspective and proportion applied to structural objects.


One of our most popular classes for teens and 'tweens', focus on manga, anime and classic characters in addition to creating their own characters and scenes.

Creatures & Habitats (NEW!)

Creativity at its best as students design their own unique beings and illustrate their imaginative environments in various mediums.

Focused on strengthening basic through advanced drawing skills, encouraging and challenging students as they apply them to painting, cartooning and more.

Drawing & Beyond

An opportunity for an adult and child to share a creative experience. The focus will start with drawings and continue into the later development of paintings. Fundamentals of color, composition, texture and perspective will be demonstrated for the students' benefit and understanding.


Adjusted to meet the students' age and level of understanding, techniques are demonstrated to lead students from drawing in graphite, ink or charcoal into painting, working in watercolor, acrylic and/or oil paints.

Drawing & Painting (Kids, Teens)

A conceptual class, inspirted by artworks of contemporary and historical artworks, students are encouraged to create their own original works of art.

Famous Artists

Concentrating on drawing stylized figures, fabrics, color and accessories, students create their own line of clothing, a unique experience and insight into the world of fashion.

Fashion Design & Drawing

Mix it up

Students will utilize various media such as chalk and oil pastels, watercolor, acrylic, marker, colored pencils, either exclusively or combined in assorted artworks.

Three Dimensions (NEW!)

Working in various materials such as clay, paper mache, wire and more, 3 dimensional forms will be created by carving, molding, fastening, painting and building decorative works of art.

Designed for our youngest students who love to work with their hands. We help them express their creativity while boosting dexterity and fine motor skills. They will work in various mediums: crayon, colored pencils, markers, pastel and paint. Skills learned involve drawing, coloring, cutting, painting and more. It's a fun filled experience to inspire and encourage your budding artist.

Young Artisans



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