I have been a student at Artisan Studio since I was eleven years old and continue to take classes there attending the portfolio prep class. The studio is like my second home, and Marlene is like a mother to me as well. Teaching classes there as well as attending has been great and I love every second of it. Marlene does a great job of teaching the fundementals of art and how to develop your skills and become an even better artist. Anyone who enjoys art and wants to learn and improve would love attending classes at Artisan Studio.



This past summer I sent my son and daughter to the art camp so that they could be with their friends who have been going there for about 2 or 3 years.  Their mom had recommended the studio very highly so we thought we'd give it a try.  My daughter was going to enjoy it, I knew for sure, but my son was going to be the hard one as he never likes to try anything new.  To our greatest surprise (and relief) he loved it!  Who knew?  They did so many different activities during that week that he always came home so happy each day with great projects that he was so proud of.  He couldn't wait to the next day to continue a project or start a new one, he had a blast.  The staff is very caring and helpful with the campers and work very well with the kids that need extra guidance and patience like my son does. I definitely will be sending them back this summer and spring break!  Thanks Artisan!    

Lisa, Colts Neck


 For the past 4 years I have been sending my son to Artisan Studio -  because it was recommended to me  by a mom I met at our elementary school in Matawan.I was discussing the artistic interests of my son, then 6 years old, and with special needs.  The mom said, "look no further you have got to go to Artisan Studio and speak with Ms. Marlene. She is so kind and understanding and has such a way with children, your son will be in  the best of hands.  Her staff is also wonderful and very caring. Just go there!" From the moment we met I knew we were in a great place.  Although my son was very shy and reserved, I could tell he felt very comfortable, and well I guess the rest is history as they say.  He has been flourishing beautifully, both artistically and socially and has gained so much confidence.  We are there year round, classes and all the camps... he always enjoys himself and brings home amazing art works!



I'm writing here (something I never do) to let everyone know what a difference Artisan has made in my life.  I'm a transfer student who has decided to add art to my business major and needed to have a portfolio for acceptance to my new school.  During this past spring and summer I produced a great portfolio that I was so proud of. This was possible under the guidance and persistance of the owner Marlene, who often pushed me into trying new mediums and subjects that I had been avoiding in the past.  I arrived at school feeling more confident that I could have, thanks to the classes there.  I still have a lot to learn and experience, but I'm looking forward to a career in art and hopefully guided by my business courses. 



My son had a great time during the Macaroni Kid day at the Artisan Studio on November 10th.  He has never taken an art class before, and I'm not sure who was more surprprised - him or myself - when he drew such a great picture!  Now that soccer is over - we're signing him up for classes, he is very excited about this.  Great place, very nice staff!



This is a late 'thankyou' to Marlene for the great time I had with my friends several months ago.  We had a fundraiser LADIES NITE at the Artisan Studio.  It wasn't easy to choose but I finally decised on a mosaic project for us.  Each one came out more beautiful than the other - from modern to country and anything in between - we all managed to do so well even though we hadn't tried anything like this before.  Ladies- try it - it's a lot of fun- be sure to bring goodies to eat and drink!



Have been meaning to write here for months! We had a fantastic Birthday Party this past November at the Artisan art school. We were looking for something different for our son other than the usual boy activities centered around sports. We brough our 8 year old in to see the place, and to our surprise he loved it! There were a lot of nice projects to choose from and he picked the cartoon project, Perry the Platypus. All the kids loved it - both boys AND girls!
It really is a nice place to be in, clean and very comfortable for the kids and their parents too. We thought the pricing was good and the owner Marlene was very friendly and helpful. The staff is also very nice and helped the kids during the party We especially liked that there was a separate room for eating where we could decorate as we wanted. We are going to join up for weekly classes in the spring as soon as he gets finished from winter sports. I recommend this place very highly and intend on doing another party - for my daughter next fall!

Mary Lynne


I would recommend to any child! My seven year old daughter has been going to the Artisan Studio for over one year and still loves it. Miss Marlene is an excellent teacher who is supportive, patient and kind. The kids adore her and so do the parents. I have three of my daughters drawings framed. They are true pieces of art. I would highly recommend The Artisan Studio to all my friends!



Great Place to Learn Art: What a pleasure to see your child express his/her self in art. Fantastic self-esteem builder for shy children, and development of a budding "Young Matisse". Children learn multi media, basic drawing, charcoal drawing, pastels and cartooning.The teacher/s form a special connection with each child.
Overall, a fantastic experience for child and parent!!



I have been a student at Artisan Studio for nine years and couldn't be happier. Marlene is genuinely interested in helping every student learn and grow in every way. Her friendly nature, guiding hand, and the positive environment at Artisan Studio make art class fun and rewarding. I definitely recommend Artisan Studio to anyone who wants to learn and enjoy art. 
P.S. The Portfolio Prep class at Artisan Studio is excellent for high school juniors and seniors who plan to apply to art schools and need to submit a portfolio. Marlene has many great ideas and tons of supplies, and will make time for her students to come in and work on their pieces.



Great Place to Learn Art: What a pleasure to see your child express his/her self in art. Fantastic self-esteem builder for shy children, and development of a budding "Young Matisse". Children learn multi media, basic drawing, charcoal drawing, pastels and cartooning.The teacher/s form a special connection with each child.  Overall, a fantastic experience for child and parent!!



Great School! Fantastic art school for kids, teens and adults.  Caring teacher makes a connection with students and nurtures their talent.



Since my son has been taking one of your art classes, his focus level at school and at home has been noticeably improved.  He has also exhibited more patience when dealing with difficult tasks.  I believe your class has helped him learn how to make decisions in a calmer, more rational manner.  This has been the first year that I didn't have a battle over homework everyday.



My son just went to a birthday party at this art school - what a great place! Even though he never tried anything artistic before - he had a really fun experience and surprised himself  (and me) at how well he did.  The project was a cartoon character so he was very happy.  The place is really interesting with all kinds of art and crafts all over - very nice staff too!



I have been taking adult classes with Marlene at Artisan Studio for a year now and my skill level has improved greatly. I have taken art classes at community college in the past but I have to say that the one on one instruction I have received at Artisan Studio has made a huge difference in my artwork. The minute you walk in the door you know you are entering a fun and creative environment.



We LOVE Artisan Studio! My kindergartener was having trouble coloring and writing. With Marlene's gentle help and encouragement, he now loves to draw and create art. We've all noticed a huge improvement in not only how he holds his pencil or crayon, but his willingness to color and write and his confidence. Even his teacher at school has commented on the change. My second grader takes classes occasionally - and every time he comes home with a new work of art, he has learned a new technique and shows great improvement which he then incorporates in his school work and drawing at home.

The classes are small and the kids get the individual attention they need. The kids get to try all sorts of art projects. Marlene has such a wonderful way with the kids and the art rooms are such a happy place to be!


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