• The first & last month must be paid in full to register for our weekly classes.

  • We automatically apply the last month's payment to June. If for any reason the student's last month will be sooner, just let us know and we'll simply move the payment to that month. 30 days notice is required.

  • If you prefer to pay by check, cash or credit card, you can do that for the remaining monthly payments.


Class payments are due on the 1st of the month or by the first class of the month. You can pay with cash, personal check or by credit/debit card. 


If we don't receive the monthly class payment by the first class or first week of the month, you will be charged a $5 late fee.

Example: It's the Friday the 4th of the month and your child missed their class on the 2nd. That means both the first of the month and first class of the month have passed, resulting in a $5 late fee.

This could be avoided by calling and making a payment over the phone, mailing a check or being enrolled in Autopay. You can switch to automatic monthly payments anytime by telling us and providing your payment info.


Take something off your to do list and avoid late fees

To enroll in our automatic monthly payments, select yes for the autopay option and enter payment info on our online form.

Please make sure you pay attention when doing this... We've had a few customers that didn't choose to go on autopay and had to pay late fees because they thought they clicked yes.

Don't worry... You're in good company.

Our website is optimized for easy use on all devices, so this can be done on smartphones, too.  That's right, you can register for class any time, any place.

The seamless security of Stripe gives us and our customers peace of mind when registering.

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