We highly respect and value the purpose, benefit and need for art education. Art is a cultural necessity
and part of our humanity. Like music and dance, art is also a means of communication for those who
feel liberated in a visual format. We do all we can to develop creative thinking, self expression,  technical knowledge, and self assurance. The studio provides a nurturing, stress-free atmosphere full of visual inspiration via the abundance of artworks throughout the entire space. My staff and I  welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver to you the best service  in our industry.

During the past several years we have reached out to extend our services to both children and adults
with special needs. We welcome and are pleased to include children with Down syndrome, autism,
ADHD, dyslexia, visual perceptual and visual motor deficits. When possible they are included in our
weekly classes, otherwise they can attend private classes where they can receive more assistance and
guidance. Art can be extremely therapeutic for strengthening fingers and hands, enhance hand-eye
coordination, attention to details, increasing patience through step by step processes and more. We often receive comments from parents noticing improved handwriting and neatness in homework. Most importantly we make art a very positive experience which helps increase confidence and self esteem.

Some of our students are young adults, ages 20 and up, who have aged out of the school systems looking for an enrichment activity. Our programs can be tailored to combine academic related subjects such as spelling, math and creative writing using various artistic mediums. The results are very positive because they are created in a very inspiring and stress-free atmosphere.

Many of our adults are enrolled in the Real Life Choices program, where individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families, can through care service providers like Easterseals New Jersey -- access personalized and self-directed services that are funded out of the New Jersey State Department of Human Services’ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). We are certified providers participating this program for the past 6 years.

 There is a amazing program at Young Chef's Academy where students participate in daily activities which include art. Each day there gives the "young chefs" the opportunity to acquire cooking skills, learn about food safety and enhance social skills through other additions of dance, yoga, music and more. It has been our pleasure to work there with more than 75 students over the past six years. We look forward to continue inspiring and connecting with the wonderful students and staff at Young Chefs. 

We offer many options for our senior adult students: small classes for those who are able to attend
weekly group classes in our studio or private lessons. For those living in an assisted-living, senior
housing facility, nursing home, including memory care units, we will travel to the facility. We will instruct, encourage, and guide the residents including those with memory and vision impairments. Our positive outlook and enthusiasm work very well to engage the residents, even if they are apprehensive. The facilities often turn the classes into a party atmosphere providing food and decorations. making it a pleasure for residents and staff.

We have been able to connect with the disconnected of all ages through art, whether drawing, painting
working with mosaics, clay or paper collage. Colors, textures and shapes can be very inviting to most
and can lead to a joyful experience for the elderly even when impaired (hearing, vision, and memory loss), leading to a sense of accomplishment. As teachers, there is nothing we cherish more than the look of pride and joy on a student’s face, regardless of age or ability

Please feel free to contact us  at 732-294-0234.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Most Sincerely, 

Marlene Bohnyak, Owner/Instructor