Adult Painting & Drawing Parties

Looking for something different as an ‘excuse’ to get friends, co-workers or adult family members together? A new (and creative) activity for a fundraiser? You may have heard all the buzz about them...or maybe you just went to an adult paint party... they’re lots of fun! PAINTING PARTIES are a great choice....and most importantly you and your guests don’t have to have any talent to participate, just a willingness to follow directions and make an effort to try... you won’t be disappointed!

Our WINE AND DEZINE parties have been growing in popularity for the past five years: a great way to get friends and families together for a special occasion, or ‘just because’. It’s a lovely way to spend time with the special people in your life while doing an activity that’s fun, interactive, and has great results: a unique artwork to be proud of! ARTISAN STUDIO will be starting it's 14th year in beautiful, historic HOBART HOUSE in the heart of Marlboro. Our instructors are all working artists with degrees in their area of expertise. We love sharing our knowledge of art, passion to inspire others, and enjoyment in the creation of all sorts of visual arts. We’re here to help you explore and enjoy your creative side. Our instructors demonstrate techniques and assist anyone needing guidance.

There is a separate room for food, next to our easel room where the paintings are created. Our parties are private, they are by invitation only, no walk- ins. Guests coordinate the food arrangements: WINE, and other drinks, sandwiches, finger food, chips & dips or other appetizers and of course cake, pastries or other desserts! PARTY DETAILS:Painting subjects: we offer choices of abstract, landscape, still life, animal, cartoon character or other figures. The subject is chosen by the party’s host. Variations are encouraged to make the artwork suitable and appealing to each of the guests.

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